In the face of riots, the National Guard will monitor the Tijuana-San Diego border crossing


After incidents with migrants and vendors, 25 elements of the National Guard will monitor the border crossing

The situation at the checkpoint has gotten out of control for various reasons: the first is that due to the constant attempts to cross and protests by migrants, people have to wait long hours to be able to cross to the “other side”.

On the other hand, friction has recently been reported between the vendors at the sentry box and the people heading to San Ysidro. This after merchants hit and destroyed the car where a family was traveling with a baby a few months old.

This led to the “NiunDólarmás” movement where those who cross ask not to buy any product from the sentry box. Little by little more testimonies were gathered on similar situations, where it became known that people have been victims of violence or extortion by vendors.

Likewise, there are people who have come out in defense of the merchants, declaring that it is not fair that “everyone pays for some.”

On this, according to the local newspaper El Imparcial, the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Pedro Cruz Camarena reported that surveillance at the San Ysidro Garita will be reinforced and shared that there will be 25 elements of the National Guard, whose function ensure the safety of citizens.

In the same way, 30 more elements of the police will be installed for this purpose and to stop illegal crossings of migrants who continue in their attempt to gain access to the neighboring country.

Baja California Post