Federal judiciary dismisses judge for sexual harassment in Baja California


The Federal Judicial Council (CJF) dismissed federal judge Octavio Rodríguez Martínez, for acts of sexual harassment and who remained suspended and was attached to the Federal Criminal Justice Center in the state of Baja California, judicial sources revealed.

For its part, the body in charge of the supervision and discipline of federal judges and magistrates reported that the determination was made after an investigation and a procedure in accordance with the law.

 "This action seeks to preserve the integrity and safety of all people within the work environment of the Federal Judicial Power, and specifically to guarantee a safe and violence-free work environment for women," detailed the CJF.
Manager putting his hand on the shoulder of his secretary, at the office (Photo: Archive)

The Plenary of the CJF reiterated the policy of zero tolerance to gender violence, in any of its manifestations and assured that there will be no tolerance for anyone to carry out or consent to any type of violence, particularly gender violence.

The work of the CJF does not end with the sanction, it is also accompanied by a series of policies aimed at preventing and addressing gender-based violence from a restorative justice approach: comprehensive accompaniment to victims, strategies to encourage reporting, and other actions to generate a shared, inclusive and safe work culture for all people.

“Judicial excellence begins with the personal integrity of our and our public servants. The CJF has a firm commitment to women to guarantee a life free of violence, therefore, any transgression will be firmly sanctioned ”, he added.

Source: Milenio

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