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For Mother’s Day they will hold an event where they will sell products for women

The world as we know it is changing, which is why it is necessary to think about a personal and work renewal. Today more than ever we have witnessed that more and more people have decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, since the COVID-19 pandemic has caused both young people and adults to be inspired to launch new projects, in order to become their own bosses, or increase their income.

And we well know that in Tijuana there are many opportunities.

The Tijuana entrepreneurial business that has just emerged is “La Femme”. The project recently founded by the young Scarlett Benavides. This project specializes in the sale of products of entrepreneurial women, where you will find different products such as: clothing, beauty items, desserts, accessories and much more.

Scarlett tells us that earlier this year she started a personalized gifts project at a local Swap Meet, but she decided to close it because she felt it was not the right audience for her project.

Later, a friend of hers invited her to sign up for one of the events that they constantly carry out in the Tijuana passages. With this, the young woman from Tijuana was inspired to see other young women selling their products or art, managing to sell all their products that she previously had in her store in just one weekend at Pasaje Revolución.

Seeing that there would be no other event coming up, Scarlett decided that she was going to do one, she said, “Why wait if I can do one?” . This was what motivated her to undertake.

So he contacted his friends, Ana Medina and Daniela Chávez, as well as his girlfriend Sinahi Andrade, so that together they would start the project that would soon be called “La Femme”.

Together they decided that “La Femme” would be a space for entrepreneurial women, so that they could all publicize their projects and support each other. A space that gives local projects the opportunity to exhibit their products or art.

His goal is “La Femme” to be performed constantly, especially for holidays such as: Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and for Mother’s Day that is coming up.

So for Mother’s Day, “La Femme” will hold an event on Saturday, May 8, at the Safe in Pasaje Rodríguez. Starting at 10 am and ending at 7:30 pm For this day, the theme will be products related to things or products for women (makeup, clothing, accessories, etc.).

In future events they will include more general products, such as men’s clothing, pet accessories and more.

In addition to “La Femme”, they also created a Facebook group that is for women to barter with each other. Such was the success of the group, that in two weeks 1,100 women had already joined.

If you are interested in this emerging Tijuana project and its next event for Mother’s Day, you can follow them on their Instagram account.

Source: sandiegored.com

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