Didi Food will help Baja California restaurants affected by Covid-19


The Didi Food platform supports and helps small and medium businesses through its app.

One of the sectors most affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic is the restaurateur; Because of the new normal and social distancing, businesses dedicated to the sale of food have had a hard time getting ahead, as a result, the Didi Food service has launched an initiative to help small and medium-sized restaurants, as well as to associated distributors.

Didi Food’s initiative consists of increasing restaurant sales, through the proposal of co-financing and giving promotions of up to 50% off when making purchases from the app. The project arises as a result of the pandemic; It is presented as the perfect ally to help small and medium businesses.

DiDi Food se expande en México en medio de la emergencia del coronavirus |  El Economista

Due to confinement and sanitary regulations, 15% of restaurants in Mexico have closed, reported Francisco Fernández, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (CANIRAC). Only in Baja California, around 200 thousand direct jobs are generated in the sector, as it is a state-recognized for its gastronomy, it has been one of the most affected.

The Didi Food project offers different benefits to restaurants, the main one is migrating to the digital world; A sales advisor will be assigned and they will receive personalized attention without any cost or service fee, in order to advise and create the most appropriate and functional image of the restaurant, all with the purpose of boosting their own economy.

The project began in November 2020 with 800 restaurants, 4 months later approximately 3,000 restaurants are associated with the application, so it is present almost 100% in the cities of Ensenada, Mexicali and Tijuana.

Be part of the project by registering your restaurant or your services as a delivery person on the Didi Food page .

Didi Food is a digital platform for the delivery of food at home, it began operating in Guadalajara in 2019, and in just 6 months 37 cities of the Mexican Republic already had its services. Currently, it is the food app with the most affiliated restaurants, said Andrea Vidales, Communication Director of the application.

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