Businesses are sanctioned for exceeding capacity allowed by covid protocols in Quintana Roo

Cofepris has suspended 183 establishments for failing to comply with sanitary measures

Fines of between 18 and 86 thousand pesos is the amount that has been imposed on commercial establishments that fail to comply with sanitary measures. To date, 183 establishments have been suspended and the conversion of almost a hundred bars to restaurants with alcoholic beverages service has been recorded in order to continue operating, reported Miguel Pino Murillo, head of the Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris ) in the state, who added that just this weekend, four establishments were closed for exceeding the capacity allowed in the framework of the Super Bowl.

In a press conference, together with the spokesman for the state government, Carlos Orvañanos Rea, the head of Cofepris indicated that, as a result of the December holidays, there has been an increase in cases of contagion by COVID-19.

In such a way that, as of this Monday, the orange traffic light applies throughout the state, so there are new restrictions, especially on the issue of capacity.

Cofepris, he said, carries out verification operations, especially in restaurants, hotels, public transport, social events venues, and clandestine parties that are organized mainly in the northern region of Quintana Roo.

So far this year, he added, there have been 183 suspensions applied to the same number of establishments due to non-compliance with the measures or because they are not authorized to open, as in the case of gyms or party venues. The establishments must comply with the measures, pay a deposit and remain closed for up to 72 hours.

The official indicated that in the matter of public transport, in the joint operations three times a week that are carried out with the Mobility Institute (Imoveqroo), “there has been a lot of rebellion” regarding compliance with measures, therefore, Until last Friday, 12 suspensions were registered for not complying mainly with the maximum capacity.

Cofepris has 123 verifiers in addition to the 74 from Imoveqroo. 

Miguel Pino Murillo added that they apply fines between 18 and 86 thousand pesos to the establishments and that only this weekend they suspended four restaurant-bars; two in the municipality of Solidaridad and two in Benito Juárez.

The official indicated that when it comes to clandestine parties in private properties, the Attorney General’s Office is heard to initiate a criminal process.

In the case of bars, clubs or canteens, the official recalled that since last year the possibility of offering food in such a way that they work as restaurants was opened, and allowing their opening, since in orange and even yellow traffic lights , the sale of alcohol without food is prohibited.


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