This February 14 Baja California will have massive restrictions


To avoid a Halloween-like scenario, there will be massive restrictions

Today they announced that Baja California will have restrictions on businesses for the expected date of Valentine’s Day which will be the following Sunday. The foregoing is to avoid new waves of contagion like the one that happened in October with the celebration of Halloween.

As reported by the Secretary of Health of Baja California, Alonso Pérez Rico, they are working on limitations for businesses and said that this time they will be stricter with the established measures . Again, the bars will be out of operation during the holiday.

According to Pérez Rico, it would be important for this type of business to remain that way since the measures are working and the less cases of Covid-19 are registered, the faster operations will resume.

On the other hand, the epidemiological traffic light for coronavirus keeps 13 states of Mexico in red and 17 in orange, among the latter is Baja California. However, state authorities have made the decision (as they have for several months) to continue in red .

So far, Baja California has confirmed a total of 43,024 people who have tested positive for coronavirus, while it has 6,973 deaths from the virus. As for our country, it is close to reaching 2 million cases.


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