39 infrastructure projects for economic reactivation in Mexico announced


The 32 projects, including 7 more, are in the communications and transport, energy, water, and environment sectors 

The accumulated investment is 297 thousand 344 million pesos.

MEXICO CITY, The government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the private initiative announced the Agreement for the Economic Reactivation in Mexico after the confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

IP realizará 32 proyectos de infraestructura por 259 mil MDP

Within the framework of this agreement, a set of 39 actions and infrastructure projects financed by private capital were announced.

Based on the existing agreement between the federal government and the Business Coordinating Council to promote investment and inclusive development, “we are committed to promoting the following actions and seeking to finance public infrastructure projects where the private contribution must be at least 50 % of the total cost ”.

The 32 projects, including 7 more, are in the communications and transport, energy, water and environment sectors.

The accumulated investment is 297 thousand 344 million pesos.

These are seven projects that began in December of last year for 38,149 million pesos.

1.- Siervo de la Nación Urban Highway, State of Mexico (AIFA Connection)
2.- Santa Catarina Viaduct, NL
3.- Mitla – Tehuantepec II
Highway 4.- Ecuandureo – La Piedad, Zitácuaro – Maravatío and Libramiento Lagos de Moreno
5.- South Pacific Package (Highway GdlTepic, Lib. Sur de Gld and Tepic)
6.- Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Operation (MRO) Northeast; Nuevo León and Tamaulipas roads
7.- Construction of the Aguascalientes Surponiente Highway Bypass
From here the 32 new projects for 259,195 million pesos are shown.
1.- Bypass highway SLP (Ventura-El Peyote)
2.- Expansion of the Tuxtla Gutiérrez-San Cristóbal highway
3.- Construction of Av. Juárez 1st Stage in San Luis Potosí
4.- Tepic Villa Unión highway
5.- Modernization of the Fresnillo Bypass, Cuauhtémoc Osiris
6.- AIFA Connectivity Works
7.- Construction of the Cruise Ship Dock in Cozumel
8.- Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Operation (MRO) Compostela-Las Varas Highway
9.- Comprehensive and special handling of Urban Solid Waste (MSW) , Naucalpan, EdoMex
10.- Construction of the highway Bypass section La Pitahaya – Ote bypass of SLP
11.- Construction of the highway Bypass of Ciudad Juárez
12.- Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Operation (MRO) Southeast on the roads of Veracruz, Tabasco, Campeche and Chiapas
13.- Ixmiquilpan highway bypass
14.- Construction of the AIFA Lechería Branch Suburban Train
15.- Mexico State East Connection (AIFA Connection)
16.- Monterrey – Laredo Highway La Gloria San Fernando section
17.- Complementary works to the Colombia

18.- Vehicular Bridge Nichupté
19.- Construction of the Real del Monte Entronque Huasca Highway
20.- Zaragoza Elevated Viaduct
21.- Construction of the Mexico-Querétar Train
22.- Construction of the TepicCompostela highway
23.- Bypass Carretero Sur de Oaxaca
24.- Construction of the AICM Water Supply System
25.- Expansion and Modernization of Puerto Progreso
26.- Construction of the Mesa de Otay II international border crossing
27 .- Garcia Railway Corridor Monterrey International Airport
28.- Pajaritos Ethane Terminal
29.- Camargo Fertilizer Plant
30.- Installation of a coker at the Tula refinery
31.- Rehabilitation of a coker plant at the Cadereyta refinery
32.- Liquefaction Unit in Salina Cruz

Source: eluniversal.com.mx

Mexico Daily Post