Parents of Aussie brothers killed in Mexico break down after flying overseas to identify their bodies – as heartbroken girlfriend reveals tragic voicemail


The parents of two Australian brothers, who tragically lost their lives during a surfing trip in Mexico, have spoken out about the devastating loss. Callum Robinson, 33, and his younger brother Jake, 30, along with their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad, also 30, went missing in the Baja California region on April 27. Their bodies were later discovered in a well near Rosarito, each with a single gunshot wound to the head.

Three individuals from Mexico – Jesus Gerardo Garcia Cota, Ari Gisel Garcia Cota, and Christian Alejandro Garcia – have been detained and face kidnapping charges.

In an emotional statement from San Diego, Martin and Debra Robinson expressed their profound sorrow over the deaths of their sons, Callum and Jake, as well as their friend Carter Rhoad. Ms. Robinson conveyed the family’s grief, stating, “Our hearts are shattered, and the world seems darker without them. They were vibrant young men who shared a love for surfing. It’s now our time to bring them back to their homeland, to the Australian waves they cherished.”

Ms. Robinson extended gratitude for the overwhelming support and condolences received and reflected on her sons’ accomplishments and life choices. She fondly remembered Callum’s dynamic personality and his professional lacrosse career in the U.S., and she described Jake as a kind-hearted individual dedicated to a medical career, often working near surf-friendly beaches.

The family’s remarks followed their visit to a morgue in Ensenada, Mexico, for the grim task of identifying their sons. Jake, a doctor based in Perth, had recently traveled to the U.S. to visit Callum, who resided in San Diego with his girlfriend, Emily Horwath.

Ms. Horwath shared a poignant voicemail from Callum on social media, stating she would listen to it repeatedly. In the message, Callum expressed his affection and optimism, leaving Ms. Horwath with words of love and positivity.

In the voice message, Callum said: ‘Happy Tuesday, good morning! It’s 11.11 and I’m just thinking about you.

‘Just wanted to drop you a quick message and say, hello baby – hope you’re having a phenomenal start to your day.

‘I’m sensing a big grin on your face for some reason today. I hope you’re full of positivity and smiles. Cheers baby, miss you.’ 

Mexican authorities discovered evidence of violence at a campsite where the men were last seen, leading to the discovery of their remains. The investigation into the murders suggests a possible robbery attempt, with the assailants allegedly targeting the men’s vehicle, a white Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck.

The case has gripped the public, with the Robinson brothers and Mr. Rhoad remembered for their adventurous spirits and love for the ocean. The brothers had enjoyed the Coachella festival before embarking on their fateful journey to Mexico, while Mr. Rhoad was known for his work in technology services in San Diego. The international community mourns the loss of these three lives, taken too soon under tragic circumstances.

Three bodies, as well as a fourth body believed to be a local rancher, were discovered at the bottom of the clifftop well.

It took rescuers about 20 hours to pull the bodies out of the well, with physical characteristics, including hair and clothes, matching the three missing men.

Baja California’s Attorney-General, María Andrade Ramírez, said the murder investigation would probe whether the men were killed in an alleged robbery.

She said the alleged thieves were likely interested in the mens’ truck, a white Chevrolet Colorado pickup, and more specifically in the tires.

‘When they tried to get the vehicle, the victims opposed the robbery, the robbers were armed with a firearm and apparently shot the victims,’ Ms Andrade Ramírez said

Ms García Cota, 23, allegedly had one of the missing men’s mobile phones.

Police were able to make the arrests when a phone belonging to one of the Australian brothers phones was turned on and pinged a mobile tower in the area.

Brothers Jesús Gerardo Garcia Cota and Cristian Alejandro García were two of the three suspects arrested. It is unclear which brother is which in their mugshots.

All three suspects were allegedly found in possession of an assortment of methamphetamines and other illegal drugs, according to local news outlets.

The alleged murders have not been linked to organised crime, but investigators have yet to rule it out.

Source: Daily Mail