St. Paul native, Mina Bast, lost her life in Mexico after a dog attack


St. Paul native, Mina Bast, was a victim of a fatal dog attack in Mexico. Bast was trying to save a dog who was being mauled by a pack of 10 other dogs when the pack turned on her. Reyna Mishler, Bast’s mother, is devastated by the loss of her daughter, Mina Bast. She struggles to imagine what Mina endured so far away from her home in St. Paul.

“It’s just been so hard,” said Mishler.

Bast, who was 48 years old and a graduate of Como Park High School, lived in San Felipe, a town in the Baja California region of Mexico. She was walking on the beach near her home last week when she saw a dog being attacked by a large pack of ten other dogs. She intervened to help the dog, but the pack attacked her instead.

Bast died from her injuries and an investigation into her death was initiated.

FOX 9 interviewed Carol Dougherty, one of the founders of San Felipe Dog Rescue, who was Bast’s neighbor. Dougherty says Bast’s death has shocked the small community.

“This has rocked people to the core here. Nobody feels safe anymore. They don’t feel protected,” said Dougherty.

Bast’s death has touched people not only in Minnesota and Mexico, but also around the world.

She was a passionate poet and photographer and helped many through her work as an intuitive healer.

“Everybody loved her, and she loved everybody,” said Mishler.

A memorial service for Bast is planned for this summer and her remains will be returned to Minnesota.

Source: Fox 9