Tijuana Business Sector thanked Montserrat Caballero for leading the way to transformation


The Business Coordinator Council (CCE) of Tijuana thanked the head of the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana, mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, for the programs, projects, and actions carried out to boost the city’s economic development, making investments easier, investing in more and better infrastructure, and creating conditions for more job opportunities.

Among the projects that these business organizations led by Carlos Jaramillo Silva, president of CCE, highlighted, there was the paving of Calle 12 in Otay which has helped to facilitate trade, speed up mobility, and prevent accidents and economic losses for cargo transport.

“There is a before and after regarding this condition. We thank you and you are thanked by the 3,700 drivers that travel through there,” Alfonso Millán, delegate of the National Chamber of Automotive Cargo Transport (CANACAR) Tijuana stated. He then said that they are looking to work on a joint project to improve mobility in the area.

The president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC), Gabriel Vizcaíno, also thanked the mayor for promoting the creation of a construction landfill which will be located at Hacienda Las Delicias.

“We requested this area many administrations ago and for the first time, we have been heard. The decision was taken together, the Chamber and the Municipal Administration will create this landfill. I want to thank them because their work was necessary to achieve this. This is a project with a vision for the city,” the business leader said.

For their part, the National Chamber of the Real Estate Industry and Housing Promotion (CANADEVI) highlighted the coordination regarding social impact projects such as the restoration of children’s SDIF Tijuana homes and, in 2023, the Parque Recreativo y Deportivo Cerro de las Abejas, where sports infrastructure was added.

“We are always going to be part of this kind of actions to contribute a little bit of us in the city,” reiterated Xavier Ibarra, the head of this agency.

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The president of the National Chamber of Small Businesses, Services, and Tourism of Tijuana (CANACOPE SERVYTUR), Gina Villalobos, said that in this administration, led by Montserrat Caballero, they have a found an open and collaborative government whose goal is to support small businesses and make them formal.

Mayor Montserrat Caballero reiterated his open door and teamwork policy with the business sector to move forward regarding common issues, working together regarding prevention work and promotion of apps such as Botón de Emergencia and Botón Morado for greater public security, and consolidating Parque de las Abejas which is a project for everyone.

In addition, they agreed to establish a permanent work council to carry out strategic projects in 2024, increasing competitiveness in Tijuana according to the frameworks given by the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO), whose 2023 competitiveness index was consulted and analyzed in this meeting.

“We have worked hand in hand and here are the projects, words that mean something, that become true. We said we were going to work on Calle 12, and there it is; that we were going to build a brake ramp, and there it is. We have worked very hard to not raise taxes and every time we work something with the Income and Expenses Law, we participate. It is great to end the year this way and we will begin January with these work councils,” Caballero Ramírez stated.

Source: SDR

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