How to Get a Work Permit in Mexico with Requirements (2024)


by Joseph Johnston

Mexico boasts a thriving economy filled with employment opportunities. If you aim to work in a Mexican company, obtaining a work permit is essential. 

A work permit in Mexico essentially serves as your temporary resident card, marked with the phrase “PERMISO PARA TRABAJAR,” which translates to “permission to work.”

The paperwork and procedures required to obtain a Mexican work permit depend on the duration of your employment and whether you currently reside outside Mexico or are already living in the country with a valid visa.

There are three main scenarios:

  • If you live outside Mexico and plan to work in the country for over 180 days with an approved employer, you’ll need to interview at your nearest Mexican Consulate, receive an interim work visa, and then exchange it for a work permit card after arriving in Mexico.
  • If you live outside Mexico and plan to work for under 180 days, the procedure begins similarly, but you won’t need to undergo any exchange process after arriving in Mexico.
  • If you already live in Mexico and have a valid temporary resident or student visa, you can apply for a work permit at your nearest immigration (INM) office.

The following article will guide you into the specifics of these scenarios. 

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