False rumor circulates about the reopening of the US-Mexico border for this Friday


Various media have shared information about this supposed sudden reopening

Various media have shared information where they point out that the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirms that the crossing to the United States for fully vaccinated people could be allowed from this Friday, October 22 until January 22, 2022, without any type of restriction.

However, this information is opposite to the notices shared on the official DHS pages, even a publication on Wednesday, October 20, recalls that border restrictions will be lifted until November 8, 2021, for travelers who are fully vaccinated and who have the certificate of vaccination against Covid-19, in addition to having one of the vaccines accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

And they are not the only ones, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or by its meaning in Spanish, the United States Customs and Border Protection Office, also announced through its official Twitter account that border restrictions They will be raised on the date stipulated from the beginning.

He also added that as of January 2022, people who make essential or non-essential trips must have the complete vaccination scheme, in addition to presenting an official certificate that proves it.

It should be noted that these rumors regarding the sudden reopening of the border are completely false.

Source: sandiegored.com, es-us.noticias.yahoo.com

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