Anuel AA with oxygen after his presentation at the Baja Beach Fest in Rosarito


With the application of the vaccine against Covid-19, the season of concerts and mass events returned to Baja California.

One of these events is the Baja Beach Fest, which was held on August 13, 14 and 15, as well as August 20, 21 and 22 in Playas de Rosarito.

The Puerto Rican exponent of the urban genre recently appeared on social networks showing a short video where he can be seen with an oxygen mask and an IV after his concert last weekend at the Baja Beach Fest reggaeton festival in Playas de Rosarito.

“We send thousands of blessings and strength to Emma (Emmanuel), to recover because what is coming is pure candela, you will see,” mentions the description which is accompanied by the image of the Puerto Rican singer connected to the mask to spray. In turn, the interpreter of “China” added: “Trying to recover for Saturday. If God allows it, I can give you a perfect show like I always do in Mexico ”, emphasizing his second presentation this Saturday at the urban festival.

At the moment it is unknown the reasons why Karol G’s ex remains under this care, as well as the state of his health, although it is estimated that it is not extremely serious due to his publications on social networks.

On the other hand, the Baja Beach Fest has been controversial internationally in recent days due to a large number of attendees concentrated in the series of concerts, where the null has been seen through images published on different internet platforms healthy distance and a large number of visitors without wearing the mask. In each of the three days that the event has been held last weekend, it has gathered more than 30 thousand people, however, its planning continues for this August 20, 21, and 22.

The Beach Fest attracted the community of the United States and the North of Mexico, to enjoy in concert the most talked-about stars of reggaeton.

This event, which affected the State in different areas, presents certain curiosities:

  • 1,150 security elements participated, all vaccinated. 
  • The health protocol implemented was unique in the world and designed by the event organizers, who already have plans to implement it in various countries.
  • The sale of accesses was controlled with the vaccination vouchers and negative Covid-19 tests that were offered at the time of delivering the tickets. 
  • 3 thousand people submitted their negative Covid-19 test to be able to work on this event.
  • Within the festival, two hospitals with 26 beds each, ten doctors, paramedics and a scientist were fitted out. 

The close coordination between the private initiative and the City Council of Playas de Rosarito stands out :

  • White balance; 75 people were arrested for minor conflicts.
  • Directly benefit 200 families and indirectly 50 thousand.
  • Totally full in all hotels, motels, Airbnb and other lodging services.
  • Keep the streets and beaches around the concert clean by collecting garbage on time during the three days, as well as sanitizing the streets.
  • Offer the first massive event in the region with first-rate quality and with all the care required by health institutions. 
  • Position ourselves in first place at the national level in terms of job recovery throughout Baja California.
  • Economic spill over 50 million dollars


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