Parents with minor children studying in California will be able to cross the border


TIJUANA.- The CPB in San Diego confirmed that parents whose minor children study in the United States can cross the border to accompany them, since now with the return to face-to-face classes in California it is considered an essential trip. 

In the event that minors are under the guardianship of another person, for example, grandparents, they may also cross into the United States to accompany them to their homes of study. 

Since September 2020, the Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego and the CPB reported that as the schools reopen, parents accompanying their children could cross into the United States because it is considered an ESSENTIAL trip. 

It is worth mentioning that, the secondary review is random and can always happen. For any emergency, travelers can contact the Department of Protection of the Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego: 619-843-6399 

The United States Customs and Border Protection Office issued on Monday the 19th through its social networks, a notice to REITERATE the travel alert to the United States. 

This alert consists of the current validity of temporary restrictions on NON-essential travel through land ports of entry to the United States. 

It should be noted that essential travel and commerce continue unimpeded. 

Essential travel includes, but is not limited to: 

-U.S. Citizens and permanent residents returning to the United States.

-Individuals traveling for medical reasons

-Individuals who travel for reasons of attendance at educational institutions

-Individuals traveling for essential work purposes in the United States

-Individuals traveling as part of emergency personnel or for public health reasons-individuals related to lawful cross-border trade

-individuals on an official government trip or diplomatic trip

-Members of the United States Armed Forces, their spouses or children who return to the United States, and that subjects traveling for reasons related to the Armed Forces or their operations.

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