They will do a film project on the Tijuana legend of ”La Faraona”


One of the most popular legends of Tijuana will come to life in the seventh art thanks to the screenwriter and actress Ursula Tania Mansur

” Faraona “, the legend of Agua Caliente and one of the best-known stories in the City of Tijuana, Baja California, will be brought to the big screen by the hand of actress and screenwriter Ursula Tania Mansur, who has established herself as the main object before this project, to carry an emblematic cinematographic image of what is perhaps the oldest legend of the golden age on the border.

The writer also declared that the non-existence as such of a symbolism about “The Agua Caliente dancer”, who is a very representative element in the history and identity of Tijuana, was what led her to start writing the script of what will be a live-action feature film about the beautiful and mysterious woman, as well as being a participant in its pre-production.

The project, Tania Mansur mentioned, is backed by arduous and extensive historical research carried out during the remarkable tourist era that the city went through in the 1930s.

Úrsula, the entrepreneurial mind of the project, is an interpreter known for her publications and scripts, aimed especially at a child audience, which has earned her numerous awards such as the ICBC Award and the PACMYC Award. Some of his most notable works are Aspuk aspuk, Tina and the secret trunk, Zopi Mentiras and La Machaca del Chueco.

Facebook: Faraona Movie
Facebook: Faraona Movie

The artist has also become popular for making known little-known pre-Hispanic or mythological legends through plays and events where she serves as a storyteller.

The project aims to be very faithful to the legend of “La Faraona”, as it will implement historical passages from the time where it is set, such as flamenco dances, and even foreign actors who live in Tijuana and Los Angeles such as the Spanish, David Torres; Trolley de Prevaux, French actor; Ina Loaiza, from Los Angeles and Paco Mufote will participate in it.

In the main roles, Enrique Groben will act as Eliot Ness, Saúl Mendez as Alcapone, Nancy Talamantes, the actress who won the Ariel Award for the film “Las Chosen,” will play Rita Hayworth, while the initiator of the project, Ursula Mansur, will play in the skin of the protagonist “La Faraona”.


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