What to do in Valle de Bravo Pueblo Mágico


Take a tour of legends through the woods or a trip on kayak across the Valle de Bravo lake.

Valle de Bravo, qué hacer, atractivos, actividades
En Valle de Bravo hay varios tours que puedes hacer por menos de 600 pesos. (Foto: Roberto Armocida. EL UNIVERSAL)

Wooded landscapes, cobbled streets, traditional houses with red roofs and romantic hotels, is what you will find in the Magical Town of Valle de Bravo. For your next getaway, we recommend 6 activities.

  1. Go kayaking
    The artificial lake, also known as the Miguel Alemán Dam, is a symbol of Valle de Bravo. It would be a crime not to navigate it to enjoy the beautiful views it offers of the Magic Town. In addition to the typical boat tour, it is possible to kayak on the lake. The tour lasts 2 hours, includes rental of the equipment and life jacket; you can order a single or double kayak.
    Price: 550 pesos per person.

Foto: Cortesía Vive Vallevalle_de_bravo-que_hacer-kayak.jpg

Paddle Board Tours: There are also paddle board tours (which consist of paddling aboard a surfboard), for 550 pesos.

valle_de_bravo-que_hacer-paddle.jpgFoto: Cortesía Vive Valle

If you are more adventurous, take a water ski or inflatable tour pulled by a speedboat. It is more expensive: it costs 1,480 pesos per person.

valle_de_bravo-que_hacer-ski.jpgFoto: Cortesía Río Valle

  1. Night of legends
    This experience takes place in the Monte Alto Ecological Reserve, the same natural area where paragliding flights take off. It is a night walk that culminates in one of the best observation points towards Valle de Bravo, where a bonfire is built and ghost legends are told.
    Price: 599 pesos per person.

  1. Waterfall tour
    Less than 10 minutes away is Avándaro, the neighboring town of Valle de Bravo, where more than 150 million years ago two imposing waterfalls were formed, Velo de Novia and Cascada del Molino. Contemplate the waterfalls from their viewpoints that exceed 40 meters in height. To get there, you will have to go into the forest. Your guide will tell you some legends along the way so you can get more acquainted with the region.
    Price: 320 pesos per person.

valle_de_bravo-que_hacer-cascadas.jpgFoto: Cortesía Río Valle

  1. Get Zen
    Gallops through the town of Cerro Gordo, a wooded area where the Great Stupa Bön for World Peace is located, a Tibetan meditation center that was consecrated in 2010. It is 34 meters high.
    Price: 650 pesos per person

valle_de_bravo-que_hacer-gran_stupa_bon.jpgFoto: Cortesía Río Valle

  1. Visit La Peña
    Take a hiking tour to see the top of La Peña de Valle de Bravo, 3,000 meters above sea level. It has vestiges of the Mazatzincan civilization, which inhabited this territory in pre-Hispanic times. Along the way, you will also find caves formed of limestone rock.
    Price: 330 pesos per person.

valle_de_bravo-que_hacer-pena.jpgFoto: Cortesía Wishbird

  1. Walking tour of the town
    It is a good option if you do not like to be left with doubts about the history and importance of the sites that you find on your way. This tour takes you through the Sanctuary of Santa María Ahuacatlán (where the Black Christ is located), you will be able to see the oldest tree in the State of Mexico, and the tour includes a walk through the Central Square in the heart of downtown Valle de Bravo.
    Price: 250 pesos per person.
Downtown Valle de Bravo (Photo: Mexico Daily Post)

Valle de Bravo you have to see it to believe it!

Source: El Universal

Mexico Daily Post