Neighbors denounce filling of lagoon for construction of subdivision in Mazatlán


Mazatlan Sinaloa; February 05, 2021.-It seems that development continues to fight with respect for nature and that one does not learn from bad experiences and they do so “without anyone noticing, although it is in view of all”
Such is the case of a lagoon located near Chololos and Villas del Sol, where the filling of a lagoon was recently begun to build a subdivision.

Neighbors in the area are dissatisfied with this action by a construction company and ask that some authority intervene.

Lagoons and bodies of water are a priority and in that sense, they have already called SEMARNAT, but they ignored them and no one came to attend to the complaint.

This Ecocide, according to what they report through messages to this news page, is committed in Los Acantos.

And what annoys them the most is that some species such as turtles and birds live in this natural area that arrives every day are being killed


The Mazatlan Post