Outset Medical starts operations in Tijuana


Tijuana, Baja California, October 12.- The company Outset Medical México inaugurated its plant in Tijuana, which manufactures mobile dialysis machines.

The arrival of Outset Medical México corresponds to the work of Grupo Tacna, Shelter dedicated for 30 years to bring investments to Baja California, according to a statement.

“We have been in Baja California for more than 30 years, we are dedicated to traveling around the world to bring investments to the State, this is a medical company dedicated to mobile dialysis machines, it is a completely advanced and sustainable manufacture, which guarantees to their workers have well-paid jobs and very decent benefits ”, commented Ossie Díaz, director and representative of Grupo Tacna.

Ossie Díaz, director and representative of Grupo Tacna.

“This investment comes from Silicon Valley, it is an investment entirely from California that represents 50 million dollars for the municipality,” Diaz concluded.

About Outset Medical

Outset is a pioneering medical technology company reimagining dialysis for patients and health care providers.

Source: outsetmedical.com/

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