Meet the safest dental clinics in Tijuana


The border city receives more than 2.5 million medical tourists, with the dental service being one of the most in demand

Thanks to the preparation of its doctorsinfrastructurespecialization, and lower costs of up to 80% compared to the United StatesBaja California has established itself as one of the most important binational medical destinations in the world.

Annually this state of Mexico receives more than 2.5 million people, in order to acquire some service from the health sector, with dentistry being one of the most demanded by residents of the United States.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be present in Tijuana and the state, the clinics have already been prepared with various hygiene and safety protocols with the aim of avoiding contagion, as well as protecting their clients and collaborators. But among so many options, how do I know if I am choosing the best clinic?

If you are looking for a dental service, we share what various Tijuana clinics confirmed when asked, What measures have you taken to create a safe space in practice? , and that in this way you make the best decision. In addition, by registering (by clicking here ) you can receive discounts on your dental services.

Dental Co.

Disinfectant mat when entering, shoe covers, and protective cap for each patient, temperature measurement, antibacterial gel, protective rinse, disinfection every hour of the bath.


Family Dental Club

Protection of staff and patients with temperature measurement on arrival, disinfection of footwear, availability of alcohol-gel, and use of personal protective equipment. Rigorous cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization protocols for equipment, facilities, furniture, materials and instruments. As well as scheduled and spaced appointments between patients to give the opportunity to disinfect the aforementioned and common areas, in addition to allowing natural ventilation of the spaces.


Rio Dental Clinic

Sanitation, distancing, barriers, clothing, questionnaires, thermometer, disinfectant mat, antibacterial gel, face shields, mouth covers, sterilization, autoclave, chemicals, ozone.


The Dental District

Use of face masks, taking temperature at the entrance of the building, constant hand washing, sanitizing mat, periodic sanitization, dentists, and specialists with full-body protective equipment: overalls, hat, mask, glasses, and gloves. In addition, the implementation of healthy distance and protective acrylic between dental chairs, as well as the verification of possible COVID symptoms prior to the patients’ agenda.


By Sol Dental Care

Carry out a questionnaire prior to the visit where, if there are any symptoms, the patient is recommended to go to their doctor, request the patient to come on time and strictly respect the appointment hours to avoid coincidences in the waiting room, request the patient not to arrive with companions and that upon arrival do so with face masks, apply sanitizing gel on hands, disinfect footwear and take temperature before entering. If there is suspicion of illness, you are asked to leave and go to a medical evaluation, use protective equipment during the consultation, we disinfect contact surfaces and dental equipment before and after each consultation with sanitizing solution and UV light.


Wellness Dental Clinic Tj

Things we do to face the pandemic: We clean and disinfect thoroughly before opening our facilities, we are increasing regular cleaning and disinfection (before and after each patient) all of our disinfectants is EPA registered. Everyone who enters the office must wear a face mask, disinfect their hands, and shoe soles. We take the temperature for anyone who attends the office. Mouthwash is used before working to lower the number of pathogens, we also use oral insulation whenever it can be placed, or the use of a double mouth aspirator (one is to avoid the flow of airborne particles). Facilities, surfaces, bathrooms, and floors are also constantly disinfected during the day, as well as mist disinfectants using EPA registered disinfectants.

All personnel working must wear full protective clothing (from the use of a card to shoe covers, as well as the daily temperature record before entering the facilities) as well as filling out a symptomatology questionnaire.

We also use H13 EPI medical-grade air filters, we have a limit of people who can be inside the facilities (companions are not allowed, only a guardian when he is a minor or if the patient has a disability).

All dental chairs, materials, or equipment that are used are covered with plastics as insulators which are changed in each patient after disinfection of the area used to work and everything that is touched is also disinfected after working with each patient.

We handle strict and rigorous sterilization and sanitation system (with all the instruments or materials that we handle or use to work).


Tijuana Dental Studio

Promote healthy distance in the waiting area, implement the use of face masks and hand sanitizer among patients and staff, increase the personal protective equipment used by dentists, implement deeper protocols for disinfection and sanitization of units, equipment and tools, and use of air purifiers with HEPA filter in each work cubicle, among others.


Dental Sonora

We implement measures when entering such as the use of infrared thermometer, sanitizing mats, antibacterial gel, we reduce the capacity of patients as well as limit the entrance to companions and sanitize the clinic through a provider every week.


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Odent Dental Office

Being a dental office, we have always taken care of disinfection and sterilization protocols. But to feel even more secure when caring for our patients and that they feel calm, we changed everything, from the appointment times between each patient to take the time and be more judicious in the sanitation of each work area. Our work clothes and protective clothing changed into a new routine. We implement in addition to the sanitizing mat, antibacterial gel, and temperature taking that is done in all places, we do a daily sanitization with specific solutions for all areas, both work, and common areas.


Dental Image

At Dental Image, we are proud to say that our clinics are one of the cleanest places in Tijuana. We follow a three-step process aligned with WHO standards: Building disinfection, patient entry protocol, and patient treatment protocol.

We constantly improve our hygiene standards to ensure your safety as a patient. At Dental Image we care about the well-being of your family.


Tijuana Dental Wellness (Dra. Grelda Valencia)

Environmental sanitation with certificate every 15 days, protocol measures before the patients enter such as taking their temperature, antibacterial gel, disinfectant mat, we spray their clothes with a special liquid, as well as for the staff, sterilization of instruments in an autoclave, measures of protection for doctors and assistants, coverage of dental units, fumigation once a month. The patient is given a chlorhexidine rinse before starting treatment.


Dr. Genaro Genel Dental Office

Sanitizing the office, taking temperature, sanitizing mat, patient protection and high vacuum suction.


Dr. Elma Gabriela Martínez Castell

First of all, a filter is made that consists of entering with a mandatory face mask, disinfection of footwear by means of a mat with sanitizing liquid, temperature measurement, and we provide gel for hand disinfection. We carry out a questionnaire regarding whether they have had contact with someone with covid-19, if they have suffered from it, if they have recently had a test, among other questions; If we consider that everything is fine then if we allow them to enter the work area and we the doctors.

It is also requested to bring the hair tied up with a surgical cap, double N-95 and surgical mask, disposable or washable surgical gown, special waterproof type that does not allow bacteria or viruses to adhere. At the time of work we put on a mask or protective glasses and we acquired a suction machine that at the time of using a rotary machine and using water at the same time, sucks the waste, which goes extraorally. Between patient and patient we have to completely disinfect the dental unit, as well as the cubicle.

We are seeing patients by appointment only, this being the only one who enters the office (unless it is a minor and requires a companion), among other security measures.


Dr. Demetrio Landeros López

Biosecurity. Reduction of working hours. Implementation of security measures. General disinfection.-


Tijuana Clinic for Cosmetic Dentistry

Use of face masks, only two patients at a time in the lobby, wash hands before entering, take a temperature, medical equipment, we use safety barriers, disposable gown, face masks, gloves and a mask.

The practice is equipped with HEPA filtration filters. Cleaning and disinfection between each patient with quaternary disinfectants. In addition, each patient when sitting in the dental chair must rinse their mouth for more than 20 seconds with a substance based on hydrogen peroxide.


Now that you know what Tijuana dentists have implemented before the New Normal, you decide which one you want to make your next appointment with.


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