25% of businesses in Los Cabos will not reopen due to shutdown


They could last a month but when the decree of the closing of non-essential businesses was extended, the debts were joined

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- Ignacio Lavandeira, President of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco Servytur), Los Cabos, said that the municipality is strongly resenting this pandemic because in this destination the main economic trigger is the tourism and without it, there are no currencies to strengthen the business sector.

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He stressed that the tourist will take time to arrive, “in terms of support from the beginning, the state and municipal government have helped with extensions, with everything that has to do with payment of rights and payments on payroll, among others, have been deferred and will be paid in November for the next two years that follow.

Likewise, I detail that the market is going to shrink since the engine of the economy is tourism and if they are not traveling to this beach it will be difficult, “but we have come out of many and we will surely come out of this too, you have to be patient, businesses are going to have to make their recovery estimates for their capital because it will take longer to start operating. “

“Surely there will be access to much softer financing than we had previously, although with financial companies and banks there is a greater risk, but there is a responsibility on the part of the entities that has to help the engine to start again.”

He explained that several affiliates have approached the Canaco offices, businesses that by the decree have had to close 60 days and longer.

“It turns out that the landlord who rents to them do not want to reach an agreement, they want the money in full, which is their right, but there are no resources, and even less they charge in dollars, a currency that has skyrocketed in value.”

“I think we should all be sensitive, and the owners of the premises have to understand that after the quarantine is over, there are not going to be people waiting to rent to them, since the activity will not be reactivated soon, if they have had a tenant for time and always he has fulfilled his obligations, it is necessary to favor him with reaching an agreement, not to forgive but to defer, so that when he starts operating the business he can catch up on his payments.

In the end, he said that appeals to people, to show solidarity and to be disciplined, many vehicles on the streets have relaxed in recent weeks, “we know that it is difficult after so many days at home, but they are monitoring us and if we do not behave well, the quarantine is going to be extended and it is something that does not suit anyone. ”

Source: elsudcaliforniano.com.mx

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