The most dangerous municipality in Mexico, Murders, kidnappings, and Extortion


The formerly bustling tourist town faces a marked wave of drug-related violence and human trafficking

The state of Baja California cannot clean its face from the violence that the drug trafficking leftDespite the opening of specialized prosecutors’ offices, the government has not yet been able to curb the cruelty of the murders, uprisings, and extortion.

According to the Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice AC, the rearrangement and the dispute of the cartels by the areas of the state, brought the municipality of Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, to first place in the list of the most violent sites in Mexico.

The 2019 study details that the bloody incidents have created a negative image of the tourist gem, which has a population of more than 70,000 people.

To get to Playas de Rosarito, most tourists travel by car on roads with stunning views of the turquoise ocean and steep cliffs. For many, this municipality is much more interesting and refined than Tijuana, which is why during the holidays a large number of young Americans come attracted by good seafood and lively nightlife.

The former tourist place faces a marked drop in the number of visitors, due to organized crime (Photo: Google Maps)
The former tourist place faces a marked drop in the number of visitors, due to organized crime (Photo: Google Maps)

However, experts agree that negative news about the violent situation discourages tourists from going to southern Baja California. Among the incidents that have most scared the South Californians has been the multiple homicides in Callejón Manuel M. Ponce, where six people were murdered in a house.

Days before, an armed attack against police officers occurred in the city. The attack began after elements of the Municipality’s Public Security Secretariat attended to a report of the illegal deprivation of liberty of a person.

(Photo: Facebook / Rosarito Beach Police)

In the tourist town of Rosarito, the presence of the Jalisco Nueva Generación CartelSinaloa, Tijuana, and Santa Rosa de Lima have been identifiedThese criminal organizations have found a special interest in the region due to the drug and people trafficking network.

In addition, for years it has been suspected that in Playas de Rosarito, a group of Russian criminals could be behind a series of crimes in the entity. It all started in 2017 when the local authorities carried out the arrest of two men of Russian origin, who in the United States had a criminal record implicated in drug dealing. As a result of this capture, information was obtained from more Russian people involved not only in drug trafficking but also in human trafficking.

In Rosarito, the dispute between the Tijuana Cartel, Jalisco Nueva Generación and Sinaloa has been identified

In Baja California, the arrival of the Arzate brothers, meant a radical change in the illegal drug business. The Arzates, led by Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, direct drug trafficking on the northern border of Baja California. In addition, they are in charge of defending the plaza with murders and kidnappings against the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel and the Tijuana Cartel.

Municipalities ravaged by violence

Rosarito, Mananillo, and Tijuana beaches were the most violent municipalities during 2019, according to the Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice.

The report presented on Monday warned that Salamanca and Tecomán complete the list of the top five violent cities. Scores are obtained through a methodology that includes crimes such as homicide, kidnapping, willful injury, and extortion.

According to the National Index of Violence, Playas de Rosarito (Baja California) obtained 104 points; Manzanillo (Colima) 87; Tijuana (Baja California) 86; Salamanca (Guanajuato) 82 and Tecomán (Colima) 69 points. Below these regions are Zihuatanejo, Ciudad Juárez, Celaya, Acámbaro, Uruapan, Solidaridad, Centro (Villahermosa), Valle de Santiago, Silao, Tecate, Salvatierra, Irapuato, Zamora.


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