Over 10,000 waiters without jobs in Baja California Sur; Support announced by AMLO fails to arrive


La Paz BCS.- Julia Lorena Hinojosa, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac), declared that more than 10,000 workers, including waiters and kitchen assistants, have become unemployed in the state.

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“Right now it is incalculable, but the loss is millions. Here in Baja California Sur alone, speaking of waiters and waitresses, there are over 10,000 direct jobs registered with Social Security, we cannot even imagine the damage that this pandemic is causing to the economic issue and beyond, social, “she lamented. .

Regarding the support announced by the Federal Government specifically for this workforce, she indicated that, through the federal deputy Isaías González, the list of employees was sent to qualify for economic support, however, so far they have been only words, He doesn’t even know how much the amount is.

“We don’t know how much, we ignore it. Until now only we are told that we are going to receive financial support, I set out to collect the information from the waiters, as well as the cooks and kitchen assistants who have been temporarily unemployed … he handed himself over to Mr. Isaías González this relationship with name, with the social security number that each worker has, with their CURP and their address, to this day we have not been aware that there has been anything real, only this document and this registry that was delivered, “she said.

In this sense, she indicated that they will continue with the petitions, waiting for the support to be real and effective.

“We will continue to wait, as we businesspersons have done, with many requests for support, not for money but for government support, attitude and sensitivity. Until now, a month and a half has passed and we have not had any type of response, except for those 25 thousand pesos delivered through Social Security to micro and small companies that did not have any type of debt with Social Security, but apart from that no other support, “she said.

Finally, she urged the Federal Government to make a reality the promise that was made to support them and to have a livelihood in the face of this economic crisis.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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