Governor Antonio Echevarría assures that he will implement this measure to prevent people from not performing essential activities

The deaths by COVID-19 in Nayarit are related to the visit of civilians to their parents, assured the state governor, Antonio Echevarría García, for which he seeks to close the state’s borders to prevent people from entering the entity who will not carry out activities essential.

Our compatriates deserve all our respect but don’t come right now, because the infections and deaths we’ve had are because they come well-eaten, well-fed, strong, young and come to greet their fathers and mothers, who in many cases they are people who are over 70 years old and some disease such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. And they are the people who have died and these people who come from the other side bring the virus, do not have any symptoms and make the pollutant “, noted the president.

Echavarría indicated that he would establish contact with his counterparts in Jalisco and Sinaloa to propose the measures: “I hope they pull.”

In addition, it announced the implementation of community kitchens in the state to support those who are suffering from the economic consequences of the pandemic; These canteens, he announced, will be controlled by the state attorney’s office “so that there is order and we are not overflowed.”

As of this Tuesday, in Nayarit, there were 27 confirmed cases of COVID -19 and six deaths.

For his part, the Governor of Jalisco confirmed that he had already contacted Echevarría to discuss the issue and agreed on some adjustments to the control filters at the state borders, but assured that according to the Nayarian president his main concern is in the north, in the limits with Sinaloa, so it will focus there.

Among the agreements taken, it was decided to run the filter installed between Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas to Sayulita to prevent tourist access to the entire interstate metropolitan area; In addition, Jalisco will reinforce the filter installed at the access to Puerto Vallarta on the highway to Mascota.

The Jalisco president indicated that he hopes the governors of Colima, Guanajuato, and Aguascalientes to take similar measures.


The Mazatlan Post