Eight beaches in Tijuana and Rosarito are not suitable for recreational use


In Baja California and Guerrero there are the most polluted beaches in Mexico as they are not suitable for recreational use because they represent risks to the population, according to measurements by the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris).

The Clean Beaches Committee warned that the Government of Mexico carried out monitoring consisting of 2,238 samples in 289 beaches in the country, in which those of Tijuana, Playas de Rosarito, as well as Tlacopanocha and Carabalí in Acapulco were found to have the greatest contamination.

For the second consecutive year, Playas de Tijuana and Rosarito exceeded the acceptable levels of enterococci in sea waters.

In the case of Baja California, Playa Blanca de Tijuana ranks first in contamination with 15,531 enterococci, followed by Baja Malibú with 6,132 and San Antonio del Mar with 3,076.

The beaches of Parque México with 276, El Faro with 208 and Cañada Azteca with 338 are also highly polluted.

The monitoring was carried out between February and March 2024, on the eve of Holy Week, and two beaches in Rosarito also resulted in risks for the population with , while those in Rosarito reached 263 and 319 nom out of 1000

These beaches are considered not suitable for recreational use as they present risks to the population.

Source.- La Jornada

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