Campers and RVs riding out COVID pandemic on Baja California Sur beaches


La Paz, BCS. After the federal provision closed access to the beaches as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 pandemic, in Baja California Sur the presence of campers was detected, mainly on beaches such as El Tecolote and La Ventana.

EL Tecolote BCS

In such a situation, Alfredo Godínez León, undersecretary of State Civil Protection, declared that the campers or mobile homes were in those places before the pandemic arrived and only remain for the season.

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La Ventana BCS

He maintained that the campers and RVers that are currently on some of the beaches are duly identified and that they are tourists from countries such as Canada, Germany, Argentina, from the American Union, established before the pandemic began in Mexico.

“We said it from the beginning, that they are here in Baja California Sur not a day or two ago, they two, three or more months and because of that they continue camping with very precise instructions, they know that they cannot leave, with the same observance that the citizenship, the call is ‘Stay at home’ in this case is the address that they have, “he said.

Godínez León said that these are beaches that have only one entrance and therefore are insured and closed, such is the case of Balandra, El Tecolote and El Saltito, to name a few. He insisted, there are people, but there is no passage, in such a way that they neither enter nor leave.

He added that, like other citizens, they are invited to stay at home and since this is their temporary residence, they remain in place.

Finally, he ordered citizens to report whoever is violating the rules to 911, to Civil Protection, or through our pages or the media, and likewise to stay at home, and follow hygiene measures when leaving home for basic needs.

“If there is any report to that effect that they let us know, if there is someone who is breaking the rules, report it to 911 or Civil Protection through the pages, or through the media, but those who are currently in some of the beaches they are duly identified and are tourists from other countries, and they are established by seasons and were there before the issue of the Covid-19 pandemic began in Mexico, ”he concluded.


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