Baja officials float idea of opening Otay Mesa II port of entry in southbound direction only


Baja California officials are considering the possibility of partially opening the Otay Mesa II port of entry in a southbound direction only, allowing commercial trucks to cross from California into Mexico. This idea was floated by Baja Governor Maria del Pilar Ávila Olmeda during her weekly news conference, with the hope that US officials will find a way to make it possible.

The partial opening would utilize existing roadways constructed on the Mexico side and State Route 11 built by the California Department of Transportation. However, US Customs and Border Protection has yet to find personnel to operate the new facility, making it a complex issue.

Some experts argue that it’s not feasible to open in a southbound direction only due to infrastructure limitations on the US side. Nevertheless, Baja officials are exploring ways to use existing infrastructure to grant access to trucks entering Mexico.

The full opening of Otay Mesa II was initially expected by September but has been delayed due to construction delays on the US side, which is now two years behind schedule.

Source: Fox San Diego