Two tourists were rescued after mishaps in Cabo San Lucas: One suffers heat stroke and another falls off a catamaran


Last Monday, personnel from the Naval Station for Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance (ENSAR) and the Los Cabos Naval Clinic assisted two people who were on board tourist boats and had medical complications, which activated rescue units at two points in the bay of Cabo San Lucas.

According to the report issued by the Navy, an emergency call alerted that on the catamaran “Deja Vú,” an 82-year-old female had suffered a fall on the boat, near the Hotel Pueblo Bonito.

Respectively, on the sailboat “Veracruz,” a 55-year-old man suffered heat stroke near Playa Cabeza de Ballena, also in Cabo San Lucas, an incident that was reported to the Command and Control Center.

Both people, of North American nationality, were treated by naval medical personnel, who provided first aid to the patients. With the support of a Defender-type boat, it was possible to evacuate the patient and then transfer him to the dock of the Second Naval Zone, where he was handed over with stable vital signs to the paramedics, who were in charge of transferring him and monitoring him at a hospital in this town.

Source: tribunademexico