Finally! You can now access the beaches in Tijuana; they have been declared suitable for recreational use.


After several months of high pollution levels, the beaches in Tijuana are once again safe for recreational activities due to a significant decrease in contaminants, according to reports from the Proyecto Ambiental Fronterizo (Border Environmental Project).

Monitoring conducted by this organization in the Faro area demonstrated that the situation in this zone is no longer critical, and the parameters are now acceptable for human activities. The presence of enterococci in every 100 milliliters of water has dropped from 1,126 to just 20. Similar improvements were observed in locations such as Parque México, Cañada Azteca, and El Vigía, where pathogen levels are now minimal compared to previous months. As a result, the population can safely enjoy the sea without fear of contracting any diseases.

Source: Debate