Morelos and Baja California top the list with the greatest presence of organized crime, see ranking of other states


The states with the most impact and presence of organized crime are Morelos, Baja California, Zacatecas, Colima and Chihuahua, reported the organization Semáforo Delictivo.

  • In some entities a reduction in crime incidence has been detected, but in others, such as those mentioned, it has risen.

“On the positive side, Sinaloa and Guanajuato no longer appear in red; On the negative side, we have new states in red such as the State of Mexico and San Luis Potosí. It is the story that we already know, it is like a balloon, it goes down on one side and up on the other, but the balloon does not deflate, violence does not subside at the national level, ”said Santiago Roel, director of the Criminal Stoplight.

Violence and insecurity in Mexico

Data from the organization detail that an increase in the crime of homicide was reflected in 14 entities of Mexico, of which the following stood out:

  • Zacatecas  
  • Nayarit
  • Campeche
  • Morelos
  • Sonora  

 “We continue to have one of the highest rates in the world and what has decreased are ordinary homicides, not drug executions. The cartels continue to fight the territory with fury and collapse the society, the Government and the rule of law in many states and municipalities ”, added Roel.

Regarding social and family crimes, the Criminal Stoplight mentioned that malicious injuries, rapes, family violence and femicides have risen; He also added that the “war” will not end until the flow of money to criminal organizations is stopped.  

“Many of the states in the red in these crimes also have red in organized crime, so we can conclude that all crimes are related. If the Government and the rule of law collapse with the dispute between drug addicts, the family and society also collapse. The war will not end until we understand that the only fundamental solution is to take money from the mafias through regulation.

Kidnappings, social networks and more: this is how narco hooks Mexican children and its youth

Reinserta, a non-governmental and non-profit organization (NGO), published the study “Children and adolescents recruited by organized crime”, through which it identified ways in which organized crime recruits Mexican minors.

It has been documented that organized crime uses social networks to recruit minors, and Reinserta explained that, physically, children and young people are co-opted and isolated in the context of drugs, violence, and school dropouts; Others are kidnapped, and still others are voluntarily enrolled.

  • Abductees run the risk of being sexually exploited
  • Volunteers are trapped thanks to financial gains
  • Minors who suffer poverty, exclusion and discrimination find a refuge in crime

According to Reinserta, organized crime recruits minors to get started, mainly as spies, fighters, messengers, cooks and sexual victims. The advantages they represent is that they follow orders, they are malleable, they do not demand as an adult and they easily transport weapons and ammunition.

  • The justice system is less harsh on minors
  • On rare occasions, they end up receiving lengthy prison sentences

In its study of organized crime and how it recruits minors, Reinserta explained:

“(The minors) are not only aggressors, but they are also victims of organized crime. The first contact is the gangs that form within their communities . Refusing to participate and disobedience and indiscipline can cost them their lives ” .

crime recruit reinsert

Roles of boys and girls, according to Reinserta

  • Minors “are considered disposable and expendable”
  • The crime recruits and sets out specific roles for children

The girls are destined for activities more aimed at logistics, cleaning tasks, food preparation, drug packaging, washing clothes, caring for the sick, being spies, and messengers. The children then go on to be trained in weapons, to carry out kidnappings, murders, or to be drug dealers.

crime recruit reinsert

Mexico and these 9 countries, with more organized crime

Drug costs and profits: fentanyl is more useful, says Sedena
Mexico ranks fourth in the world with the highest levels of organized crime, according to a report by the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime.

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime listed the countries in the world with the highest levels of organized crime. The top 10 is led by the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mexico is in position four.

According to the Global Organized Crime Index 2021 prepared by the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, the nations with the highest levels of crime are those that have conflicts or some type of institutional fragility.

The research carried out by this non-governmental organization based in GenevaSwitzerland, reveals that in the list of the 10 countries with the highest incidence of organized crime are:

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo – 7.75 points
  • Colombia – 7.66 points
  • Burma – 7.59 points
  • Mexico – 7.56 points
  • Nigeria – 7.15 points
  • Iran – 7.10 points
  • Afghanistan – 7.08 points
  • Iraq – 7.05 points
  • Central African Republic – 7.04 points
  • Honduras – 6.98 points

Likewise, it specifies that in conflict scenarios, the attention and capacities of the States can be diverted to armed conflicts, leaving the social, economic and security institutions weakened, which is used by organized crime to have high participation.

Mexico ravaged by organized crime

The Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime pointed out that Mexico is a nation ravaged by violence and organized crime, which is why it was declared the most dangerous in the world for journalists.

The report specifies Mexico and Panama obtained one of the highest scores in human trafficking and smuggling.

In addition, he adds, Mexico has a very consolidated arms market that serves as a conduit to and from the United States, as well as throughout Central America, which has had a devastating impact on the levels of violence.

Mexico also suffers from a number of markets for environmental crimes such as the timber industry, wildlife trafficking, and smuggling fuel.

Another element that contributes to a higher crime score is that the countries that host maritime coasts are more vulnerable to numerous crimes, such as drug traffickingpeople smuggling and illegal fishing.

Here you can consult the full report:

Mexico Daily Post