Mexico covid traffic light update: 20 states remain green, 11 yellow and 1 orange


The Federal Ministry of Health announced which states change their traffic lights and which ones remain on the COVID map from October 18 to 31. CDMX and Edomex go green.

The Ministry of Health (SSa) announced the change of the COVID traffic light in Mexico, and in the count, it stands out that there are 20 states in green, 11 in yellow, one in orange and none in red, which identifies the maximum risk on the COVID Map.

The epidemiological traffic light will take effect from October 18 to 31.

The federal agency detailed that in 24 hours there were 434 deaths due to COVID-19, for a total of 284,008 people who have lost their lives due to the disease.

Regarding the number of reported cases, in one day 5,286 cases were accumulated until this Friday, for a total of 3 million 749,860 since the start of the health emergency.

States that go to green traffic lights

Entities in this color have no mobility restrictions. The operation of economic and social activities will be carried out on a regular basis.

The educational model will work under the new normal in accordance with the provisions of the SEP.

The use of the mask is recommended in closed public spaces and mandatory in public transport.

  1. Ciudad de México
  2. Baja California sur
  3. Sonora
  4. Sinaloa
  5. Durango
  6. Nayarit
  7. Zacatecas
  8. Nuevo León
  9. San Luis potosí
  10. Tamaulipas
  11. Veracruz
  12. Michoacán
  13. Guerrero
  14. Hidalgo
  15. Tlaxcala
  16. Estado de México
  17. Puebla
  18. Oaxaca
  19. Quintana Roo
  20. Chiapas

States on COVID traffic light in yellow

The operation of economic and social activities will have a capacity of 75%.

The use of a mask is mandatory in all closed public spaces. Recommended in open spaces without the possibility of maintaining a healthy distance and mandatory in public transport

  1. Chihuahua
  2. Coahuila
  3. Jalisco
  4. Colima
  5. Aguascalientes
  6. Guanajuato
  7. Queretaro
  8. Morelos
  9. Tabasco
  10. Campeche
  11. Yucatan

States on orange COVID traffic light

The only state in this category is Baja California. The indications of the SSa for this color are: the operation of economic and social activities will be with a capacity of 50%. The use of a mask is mandatory in all public spaces.

States on red light

No states on red light

Regarding hospitalizations, the reduction is 79% compared to the maximum peak reached in January. In this sense, the occupancy of general beds is 26% and 23% for beds with a fan.

This Friday’s report also indicated that 67 million 957,153 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered so far.

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