Young American man found dead at the Hotel Rosarito Beach


There was no violence; the case was commissioned to the FGE

PLAYAS DE ROSARITO.- The Secretariat of Municipal Citizen Security of Playas de Rosarito reported on Wednesday morning the discovery of a lifeless person inside a room of the well-known Hotel Rosarito Beach, located in the Central Zone, without having revealed for the moment causes of death.

According to the report to the Command and Computing Control Center (C4), at 06:55 hours this Wednesday, October 13, the case was learned, which occurred at the hotel located on Benito Juárez Boulevard, Central Zone delegation.

The report referred to an unconscious person in one of the rooms, for which the support of paramedics was requested, who upon arriving at the hotel and having the young man’s body in view, determined that the person, approximately 23 years old, had already There were no signs of life, nor did he show visible injuries of violence.

In response to the case, detectives from the State Attorney General’s Office took charge of the next investigations, revealing later that the cause of death would be an overdose of an illicit substance.

Later, the secretary of Citizen Security of Playas de Rosarito, Francisco Javier Arellano Ortiz, invited hoteliers in the city to regulate and inspect their guests, and prevent more deaths from excessive drug use inside the rooms. In addition, he urged that they report to the municipal authority any disorder that occurs in the different areas of their facilities.

They reveal that young man died at the Hotel Rosarito Beach was due to an overdose

Unit 3921 of the SSC came to the scene, as well as the 119 unit of Red Cross paramedics, who reported that the young Taylor P., 23 years old, no longer had signs of life, nor did he show signs of violence.

The suspicion that he had died from ingesting drugs was later cleared when it was revealed that the cause of death was “drug overdose”.

It is known that American adolescents prefer to come to Mexico because here they feel free to commit excesses.

In San Diego, an organization called Mothers Against Drugs MAD was created to prohibit adolescents from crossing into Mexico without the permission of their parents in situations like this and a number of abuses they commit or are victims.

If you know of any activity of this nature, please report it to 911, do not be an accessory to a crime or an illicit act.


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