Requirements to cross from San Diego to Tijuana with a pet


Things you should know if you will take your pet or companion animal with you

The border with the United States has been closed since March 2020 to non-essential travel, however, American citizens continue to cross into Mexico to enjoy their cities, food or to visit family.

The border crossing located in Tijuana is the busiest in the world, around 80 thousand people cross it a day.

If you are from San Diego and you are going to cross into Tijuana with your pet, this is what you should know in order to enter Mexico.

According to the Mexican government, you can enter, without paying taxes, up to 3 pets or companion animals, meaning: cats, dogs, canaries, hamsters, including Australian parakeets, nymphs, ferrets, parakeets, turtles, birds small-sized wild animals (except raptors).

In order to enter with your pets, you must:

  • Present a health certificate issued by a private veterinarian or one of the competent authority of the country of origin
  • The certificate of good health must have a maximum of 15 days of being issued, you must present an original and a copy
  • Present documentation that only endorses the application of the rabies vaccine and treatment against internal and external parasites, the staff of (SENASICA), after evaluation, will be able to certify the good health of the pet.
  • Do not put food in your pet’s container. Just bring the food ration for the day of the trip, in a container with a lid or plastic bag.

If you have another animal species with you and it is not in the module for consultation of zoosanitary requirements for importation or if it is undergoing medical treatment, send your request to the email: [email protected].

In the case of marine animals, you can call 01 52 (55) 5905 1000 ext. 51046 and 53224 or send a message to the email [email protected]

In addition, you can download “Que T traes”, SENASICA’s mobile application, where you can check what foods you can enter the country or find out what requirements you must meet for your pet to be your travel companion.

What does your pet need to cross from Tijuana to San Diego?

It is not that complicated, you just have to meet some requirements

Qué necesita tu mascota para cruzar de Tijuana a San Diego?

At some point we have all wondered how we can cross into the United States with our pet, if some type of permit or visa is required for it. But the reality is that it is not as complex as previously thought.

The United States does not allow animals that may be a danger or bring a disease to US residents and / or animals in the country, that is why they have a series of norms, rules and requirements that must be followed in order to enter with your dog or cat.

These requirements apply to all cats and dogs, including puppies and service animals. Take into account that one of the requirements must be done 30 days before entering San Diego.

What is required to cross with a dog or cat?

Proof of vaccination against rabies.

Dogs arriving from a country where rabies is present must be accompanied by a current and valid document, a certificate of vaccination against rabies that includes the following information:

-Name and address of the owner.
-Breed, sex, age, color, marks, and other identifying information of the pet (vaccination record).
-Date of vaccination against rabies and information on the vaccine product.
-Vaccine expiration date.
-Name, license number, address, and signature of the veterinarian.
-Puppies should not be vaccinated against rabies before 3 months of age.
-Get vaccinated against rabies, this must be done at least 30 days before entering the United States.

NOTE: Some certificates say that the vaccine is valid for 3 years. Dogs should not be re-vaccinated if they are within the dates on the certificate.


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