Mexican pride national wines swept over 30 medals in Canada


National wines triumphed during one of the most important competitions in North America: the Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada 2020.

Mexican wines conquered Canada!

The year is about to end, but the reasons to be proud as Mexicans are not. And it is that more than 30 different labels of national wines managed to conquer the Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada (SMV), one of the most important competitions in the North American region.

Among the countries that competed in 2020 are Italy, France, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, and, of course, Mexico. The latter participated with 18 wineries belonging to six different regions and with a total of 81 wines.

Thus, thanks to the excellence that Mexican wineries have achieved, national labels conquered that northern country by receiving 33 medals. In addition, there were two labels that were selected to be part of the Top 50 of the best ratings of SMV Canada 2020. They are definitely triumphs worthy of being recognized!

National wines win medals in Canada

The winning labels were as follows

  1. Syrah de la Hacienda Florida
  2. Hacienda Florida Malbec de la Hacienda Florida
  3. Syrah de la Finca la Carrodilla
  4. Gran Reserva Shiraz de Casa Madero
  5. Sacro de La Lomita
  6. Altiplano Merlot de Viñedos La Redonda
  7. San Miguel Rose de Viñedos San Miguel
  8. Asis de Encinillas
  9. Gran Reserva Malbec de Casa Madero
  10. Casa Madero Merlot de Casa Madero
  11. Lopez Cava Merlot de Viñedos y Crianzas López
  12. La Casona de Encinillas
  13. J2:10 de la Vinícola Regional de Ensenada (Viresa)
  14. Tierra Adentro Malbec de Tierra Adentro
  15. Atempo Gewürztraminer Dulce de la Vitivinícola de Cote
  16. Tierra Adentro Merlot de Tierra Adentro
  17. Monte Xanic Gran Ricardo de Monte Xanic
  18. Tierra Adentro Syrah de Tierra Adentro
  19. Atempo Merlot de De Cote Casa Vinícola
  20. Megacero de Encinillas
  21. Hacienda Florida Edición Limitada de Hacienda Florida
  22. Vinaltura Blanco Bajio de Vinaltura
  23. Sierra Gorda Roble Francés de Viñedos La Redonda
  24. Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon de Casa Madero
  25. Casa Madero V rosado de Casa Madero
  26. Herminia de Encinillas
  27. Sauvignon Blanc, Finca de Puerta del Lobo
  28. Forza de Concierto Enológico
  29. Ancon San Vicente de la Vinícola Regional de Ensenada (Viresa)
  30. Surco Rojo de la Vinícola Regional de Ensenada (Viresa)
  31. Casa Madero Malbec de Casa Madero
  32. Tío Neto de Puerta del Lobo
  33. Tinto de la Hacienda de La Lomita


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