Firefighters manage to contain Tecate and Tijuana forest fires


A hard Santana wind condition has caused several fires around Tecate and Tijuana, so the state director of Civil Protection, José Salvador Cervantes Hernández, said that Tecate Fire Department, as well as other protection and rescue instances from Tijuana, and State and Federal Government are working on the area known as Cerro Bola, not far from Tecate.

Baja California Civil Protection director, José Salvador Cervantes Hernández

“As we announced previously, the winds increased and the Santana condition worsened the situation, the current winds are relative slower than those of last week, but there have been some important gusts and the fire conditions changed, so there are three fronts to take care of the fire”; said Cervantes.

He said that, «after an assessment of the first area of fires, near Tecate, there were no houses, farming facilities or buildings, in fact, it is an inaccessible area, and there are only firefighters, National Guard and civil protection staff who set up a contention area to keep the fire away from housing areas».

Meanwhile, in the second front, in Tijuana the city´s Fire Department is working together with the National Secretary of Defense (Mexican Army) and personnel from the National Forest Commission, are working on the area to prevent any situation.

The third front is in the area of Rosarito, where firemen are working and setting a contention barrier, “as of right now, there hasn´t been any evacuations, but some farms took prevention action in the immediate areas”, said Cervantes and called people who live near the area to remain alert for any Civil Protection warnings.

“Winds will continue through the night, so we ask people not to use fire to clean fields and not to burn any kind of trash or garbage, it is very important to prevent new incidents”, said Cervantes.

by  Alfredo Azcarate Varela for The Baja Post

Source: The Baja Post

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