Second winter storm will cause intense cold in Baja California


This storm in interaction with cold front No.18 and with a polar air mass associated with it, will also cause winds of up to 90 km / hour

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) of the National Water Commission (Conagua), reported this Friday that due to the cold front No.18, which is associated with a polar air mass, which will be in interaction with a second winter storm of the season and with the subtropical and polar jet streams; Baja California and the north of the country will present an intense cold with gusts of wind.

According to the Conagua, the winds could go from 70, 80 or up to 90 km / hour in this state of Mexico this Friday, and although they are forecast to be absent for the weekend, they are expected to return on Monday 7 of December with gusts of between 60 to 70 km / hour.

“As of Monday, a cold core vortex will approach Baja California, causing a new drop in temperature and very strong winds with dustbins over said entity,” the SMN report noted.

This was also indicated by Civil Protection of Tijuana through a meteorological bulletin, where it specified that the mornings and nights will feel moderate temperatures, and added that, “another Santa Ana Condition is possible for the beginning of the following week.”

For its part, the mountainous areas of Baja California from this Friday will continue with minimum temperatures of between -5 and 0 ° C with frosts

This is how this weekend the wind will distance itself and then return, while the cold environment stays most of the day in the region.

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