SAT stops the entry into the country of 10,000 tests for covid-19


The merchandise, which also includes thermometers, sunglasses, toys, and ornaments, was entered into the country without paying taxes for more than 4 million pesos

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) prevented the illegal entry of 10,000 tests for covid-19, as well as 4,216 thermometers, 1,435 sunglasses, 619 assembled toys and decorations from a flight from Tijuana, Baja California.

According to the body headed by Raquel Buenrostro, said merchandise did not prove a legal stay in the country, so it was made available to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) on November 15.

Likewise, the SAT pointed out, the payment of customs value of approximately 2.8 million pesos was omitted; the general import tax of 131 thousand pesos; the right to customs processing of 22 thousand pesos; the value-added tax of 475 thousand pesos and the total contributions of 630 thousand pesos.

According to the general administrator of customs, Horacio Duarte, “with these actions the institutional ‘abc’ is endorsed: increase collection, reduce tax evasion and avoidance and combat corruption … Stop the illegal entry of merchandise into our country and tax evasion are priority tasks of the Government of Mexico ”.


Mexico Daily Post