92 clandestine parties denounced in Tijuana


The Coepris warned that fines of at least 82 thousand pesos for this infraction will be sanctioned.

TIJUANA, Baja California (October 27, 2020).- The ‘clandestine parties’ that take place in rented houses continue to take place across the border city of Tijuana, last week Coepris received 92 complaints of this type of event; the fines for this infraction are at least 82 thousand pesos.

David Gutiérrez Inzunza, the commissioner of Coepris in Baja California, indicated that they carry out inspections in the popular neighborhoods of Tijuana because citizens rent houses to organize these parties.

“As they no longer have permits or authorizations to have their parties at schools’ classrooms, young people are now renting apartments or houses, to host their parties there, obviously without permission, without the security of the public force and without any authorization from the local authorities,” he said.

Last week, Coepris received around 92 complaints- The official stated that it is difficult to reach all these places, but when some events are suspended, others become aware of Coepris’ actions.

Gutierrez Inzunza reported that the fines for the organizers of these ‘clandestine’ events are at least 82 thousand pesos, automatically for being hosts.

Source: Imparcial

Baja California Post