Artisans from San Martín Tilcajete Oaxaca create Louis Vuitton trunks


Oaxaca.  The talent of Oaxacan artisans is once again recognized worldwide, on this occasion teachers from the “Casa Don Juan Workshop, from the San Martín Tilcajete community, participated in trunks from the prestigious Louis Vuitton brand, which were presented at Oaxaca City as part of the “Powers Animals” collection.

While attending the presentation of this collection, Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa, accompanied by his wife Ivette Morán de Murat, highlighted the alliance between the renowned French firm and the magical hands of Oaxaca, to draw and create new borders so that the artisans become architects of their own growth.

Powers  Animals” de Louis Vuitton

The State President pointed out that Louis Vuitton has been considered the most valuable luxury brand in the world, and today makes an alliance with the prodigious Oaxacan hands, which translates into the dazzling collection that is presented, which consists of 15 trunks that depict 20 animals of power typical of the Zapotec cosmogony, as well as other figures, tonas, and nahuales, popularly known as “Oaxacan alebrijes” that carry hidden codes and meanings in their symbols.


The curator of this project, Natalia Herrera Salgado, pointed out that this is the “perfect pairing between two communities of master craftsmen”, on the one hand, the French who for a long time have dedicated themselves to the creation of trunks and suitcases, working the lining and wood; on the other, the Oaxacan artisans who work “the copal with great beauty, creating tonas, nahuales, and power animals.”

Powers  Animals” de Louis Vuitton

He added that the “Casa don Juan” workshop was chosen after an artistic selection that lasted one year for the master craftsmen to embody their talent inspired by the Zapotec culture in the trunks. In addition, in the search for innovation and beauty, on this occasion, European art was fused with the natural and cultural wealth of Oaxaca.

Louis Vuitton lanza primera colección intervenida por artesanos mexicanos

Furthermore, this project was created under the highest standards of respect and good practices within the framework of the Federal Copyright Law and the Law for the Safeguarding of the knowledge, identity, and culture of indigenous communities. So the payment process is done in the most transparent way. Louis Vuitton only collects the trunk, and the customer makes the payment for the artwork directly to the “Casa Don Juan Workshop”.

Louis Vuitton presenta colección de baúles decorados por artesanos  mexicanos -

Likewise, this company will continue to collaborate with the master craftsmen of San Martín Tilcajete, since in the near future they will begin the intervention of Monogram canvases to be exhibited as part of the works of art, which, in their next opening, will decorate the new store Louis Vuitton in Mexico City.

Louis Vuitton

It should be noted that this week, thanks to the intervention of the Government of Oaxaca, this artisan sector obtained the first Geographical Indication of the country to protect alebrijes, tonas, nahuales, and wood carvings from any type of plagiarism, this, after taking the steps for the protection of these artistic creations before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.

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