A real estate professional in Mexico must be endorsed by an association


ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS (API): They invite you to put yourself in the hands of real estate professionals; must be endorsed by a civil association

Due to the closure of government offices due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people were forced to look for a real estate professional who will already have the training and access to digital platforms to streamline the procedures related to the purchase, sale, and property leasing.

David Ayala, president of the Association of Real Estate Professionals of Mexicali, explained that because the offices were partially closed physically in the Municipal Palace and the State Government, those who previously resorted to an agent who is not affiliated with an association of real estate professionals, had to resort to one that is accredited by this type of group since they are the only ones who already had the facility to know the systems that manage offices such as the Catastro and the Public Registry of Property and Commerce.

“Out of 10 or 20 laps that we made to the Catastro, today we do one at most because we handle everything through the digital platform.”

The expert invited the population to only look for real estate professionals endorsed by a civil association that is dedicated to professionalizing this profession.

“An agent who is not professional, who manages on his own and has these tools, the truth is that being able to carry out his work has affected them a lot because they do not have that support or that protection that an association gives them.”

Ayala, when making the protest of his board of directors, mentioned that to date there are 62 real estate members in this group that was founded in 2004.

Source: integraa.org

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