Arizona family speaks out after carjacking in Sonora (video)


A family from Mesa is recounting some scary moments they recently encountered after they were robbed at gunpoint in Mexico.

Members of the Davis family say they have been going to their beach house south of Rocky Point for more than 20 years and never felt unsafe, but they experienced some terrifying moments on the night of Oct. 6.

Video of the incident was taken moments after the attack. The daughter of Natalie and Mason Davis was on Snapchat when suddenly, a small gray car orders them to stop.

“He rolls down his window and pulls out a machine gun and I say, ‘oh my goodness, this is bad,'” said Mason. “As soon as we come to a stop, he jumps out and immediately runs to the truck, and I put my hands up and said you can have the truck.”

Mason jumped out of the car, yelling at his daughters and wife to get out.

“Little Clara, my youngest, who is 13, she is underneath the covers and he’s trying to leave,” said Mason.

“Clara got out of the car, and at that very moment, all the car doors were still open and the car sped off,” said Natalie. “It took us a moment to process everything that had happened. It happened so quickly.”

Four members of the Davis family (pictured) were traveling to their beach house in Puerto Lobos, Mexico, when they said a gunman carjacked them
Four members of the Davis family (pictured) were traveling to their beach house in Puerto Lobos, Mexico, when they said a gunman carjacked them

The Davis family was taken to a Mexican military base by total strangers, where they finally had the moment to digest what happened.
“There was no fight we said ‘just take it. It’s just stuff,’ and for those couple of minutes, I was really calm and collected, and then afterward, it hit me,” said Mason. “They just took all of our stuff, they took our passports, phones, ID. Fortunately, she grabbed her purse with the little bit of money they had.”

The man took both Mason and Natalie’s cell phones before fleeing the scene with all of the family’s belongings.

Natalie wrote that she grabbed her children and made a run towards a nearby field, while Mason stayed near the road to flag somebody for help.

‘As we stood in the middle of the Highway, we were all in shock. It took a quick second to process what had just happened before the fear that we could still be in eminent danger hit me with full force,’ she wrote.  

‘Quickly I grabbed both of my daughters and ran them into a nearby field. My youngest daughter Claira had no shoes as we ran through briers and tall bushes.

An eight-second video clip taken directly after the incident was captured by one of the children on Snapchat. The child had been using the social media app when the grey Sedan first approached them.

‘We’re alive you guys,’ Natalie says, as the overwhelmed family comes to grips with the robbery.

The family says that while they took their beloved truck that they just finished paying off two months ago, as well as the quads and all their belongings, it’s just stuff. 

“As sad as it was to see the truck we just finished paying off drive away full of everything, at least we have our family,” said Mason.

Unfortunately, the incident has resulted in a total loss for the Davis family, because they say that they weren’t aware that they needed to get Mexican insurance. 

According to the U.S. State Department website, Americans are asked to not travel to five of Mexico’s 32 states and federal entities, including the states of Colima, Guerrero, Michoacán, Sinaloa, and Tamaulipas, due to crime. In addition, Americans are asked to reconsider travel to 11 other Mexican states, including the state of Sonora, located south of Arizona, due to crime.


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