San Miguel de Allende is chosen as the Best Small City in the World; Merida Yucatan in 3rd place


San Miguel de Allende is the Best Small Town in the World; receives the distinction ‘Best Small City in the World’ by Condé Nast Traveler magazine

Mérida was also chosen

The Yucatecan capital was ranked fifth in the top ten of the Best Cities in the World thanks to its colonial architecture and cultural heritage.

According to the publication, its proximity to its beaches, as well as the Great Museum of the Mayan World and its wealth of traditional dishes, makes Mérida an unrivaled destination.

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Once again San Miguel de Allende was awarded as Best Small City in the World -Best Small City in the World- by ​​the readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine; the governor of Guanajuato, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, recognized the work of the tourism sector of this city considered a World Heritage Site.

I want to congratulate all the citizens of San Miguel for this great recognition. Thank you because without a doubt you have raised the name of Guanajuato very high, “said the president.

Condé Nast also recognized local hotels as “The Best Hotel in Mexico” in the category “15 Best Hotels in our country”: the first place went to the Rosewood Hotel; the second for the Hotel Matilda; the Hotel Casa Rosada, achieved fifth place; while the Hotel Dos Casas ranks 13th in the same category.

It is a great effort that was made between service providers, governments, health authorities and everyone, so that San Miguel was back; they make us feel very proud and give us one more reason to continue investing in San Miguel de Allende, because they are doing things very well ”.

He recognized the work of the tourism sector, of the President of the San Miguel de Allende Tourist Council, Laura Torres Septién; the Secretary of Tourism of the State, Juan José Álvarez Brunel, and the Municipal President, Luis Alberto Villarreal García, who together continue to position San Miguel de Allende as one of the best destinations in Mexico.

The State government’s commitment, he said, is to continue to strongly promote the tourism sector to strengthen the economy, for this reason, last month the tourist reactivation campaign was launched with the slogan “Guanajuato Live Great Stories” and urged to recover the greatness of tourism industry.

He said that the work does not remain in recognition and every day a step forward must be taken in the reactivation of Guanajuato, and from the State Government, it works in coordination with the economic sectors to expose the best of the Entity in services and infrastructure.

In the case of San Miguel de Allende, he said, work is being done on improving access to the city, on the expansion of La Libertad Boulevard that will connect Dolores with San Miguel de Allende, and the concession of the Silao-San Miguel de Allende highway is expected.

They are projects that hopefully will come to fruition soon and will come to strengthen this tourist destination that is the pride of Guanajuato and Mexicans; It is a World Heritage City of great potential and is an example for other tourist destinations. We must continue working hard for this San Miguel de la Gente, which is the heart of Mexico. Thank you for raising the name of this country in these difficult times, when the news is not so good at the international level, and that San Miguel de Allende shows its face is a great pride. I invite you to continue working together so that visitors and tourists live great stories in San Miguel de Allende and throughout Guanajuato ”, concluded the state GOVERNOR.


Condé Nast Traveler is an international travel magazine focused on luxury and lifestyle segments, since 1987, with a circulation of 807,873 copies in the United States, with the slogan ‘Truth in Travel’ (the truth in travel) and is focused on people who constantly travel with an interest in leisure activities.

Its contents are specialized from the latest in hotels, the best tourist destinations in the world, restaurants, spas, and even adventure travel. 

Each year, more than 600,000 Condé Nast readers around the world vote for their favorite destinations, hotels, resorts, islands, cruise ships, airlines, and airports, highlighting the best in each category through surveys.

For this year, the voting period was from March to June and the results will be published in the November print and online edition of Condé Nast Traveler magazine. This is the 33rd edition of the survey that has been conducted since 1987. 

In 2013 San Miguel de Allende received the award as ‘Best city in the World’ (Best city in the world), in 2016 it ranked 5th in the same category; in 2017 it was recognized with the ‘Best Small City Outside US’ (Best Small City outside the United States), while in 2018 it was distinguished with the ‘Best Small City in the World’ (Best Small City in the World)

San Miguel de Allende

The list is complemented by cities in  Thailand ,  Italy ,  Malta ,  Canada ,  Monaco ,  Austria  and  Scotland .

The 10 best small cities in the world, according to  Condé Nast , are:

10. Edinburgh,  Scotland

9. Florence,  Italy

8. Victoria,  Canada

7. Siena,  Italy

6. Salzburg,  Austria

5. Valletta,  Malta

4. Monte Carlo,  Monaco

3. Mérida,  Mexico

2. Chiang Mai,  Thailand

1. San Miguel de Allende,  Mexico


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