An environmental time-bomb ticking offshore of Ensenada


Deputy Claudia Josefina Agatón Muñiz presented a position regarding the risks and impacts derived from the M / V Triumph boat in Ensenada, which for more than three years has been docked and has been loaded and fueled, but without a crew or person one that really watches over and takes responsibility for it.

El buque Triumph es un problema burocrático más que ecológico

She indicated that now the coasts of Ensenada run a very great ecological risk, since, according to the investigations, it contains a high sulfur index, which, if spilled, will cause damage to the maritime ecosystem that will last decades to repair, and that being optimistic ”, she emphasized.

The legal situation of this vessel is in the hands of a jurisdictional body, as it was ordered a precautionary embargo, derived from a dispute, between the owner of the same, and the owner of the cargo. But this trial continues, and the material abandonment of the ship is about to cause irreparable and irreversible damage.

Advierten riesgo ambiental por buque en Ensenada

Its impact would be negative for everyone since the loss of marine flora and fauna would directly impact the fishing, tourism, commercial sector, and society in general, he lamented.

For this reason, Claudia Agatón said that this situation demands the sum of actions and joint work, to find the best solution and avoid an ecological catastrophe.

This despite the fact that, since the arrival of this vessel, both the Secretary of the Navy, the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), and the Private Initiative, have held meetings to find the best and prompt solution to the problem. However, the efforts to date have not been enough, she stressed.

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In the opinion of the experts who have analyzed this situation, all legal possibilities at the State and Federal level must be exhausted in order to find a backup that allows free maneuvering with the ship for unloading, and thus eliminate the threat it represents. .

“For this reason, I position myself for the urgency of adding actions, together with society, academia, and experts, so that technical and legal steps are taken to contain the contamination that can be caused by the imminent spill of hydrocarbons and minerals derived from the Triumph boat ”, she concluded.


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