“Fashion Mall” will create a new urban oasis in Tijuana


The busiest border city in the world has decided to bet on innovation and it seems that this new area will be part of it

Although some Tijuanans consider that in Tijuana there is nothing else to do, or other locations besides Zona Río to live as they would like and with the best possible access, it seems that the busiest border city in the world has decided to bet on it once again to innovation to satisfy locals and foreigners.

It is expected that in the spring of 2021 a new urban oasis will emerge in Tijuana, thanks to the construction of the extravagant Plaza “Peninsula”, also considered by development experts as the first Fashion Mall in this city.

Abrirá primer “Fashion Mall” en Tijuana - SanDiegoRed.com

Peninsula will not only allow you to do shopping but in it, you will immerse yourself in a large but comfortable world that will include hotels, offices, cinema, gym, international stores such as Liverpool and even residences.

As if that were not enough, this town center will have three-tiered levels of shops with views of the creek, luxurious green areas and so that you do not battle with parking, 3,300 drawers.

Thus, this 235 thousand square meter project will make the new heart of Tijuana beat , located between Vía Rápida Alamar Poniente and Vía Rápida Oriente, which will make you want to live close to it.

But with this new oasis it will not be difficult, because in addition to this square, its surroundings are already committed to catching up , so other companies and real estate agencies join this initiative for innovation.

The first of them is Tamayo Residencial, a pioneer real estate company in the vertical development of this new area, which will be offering a total of 24 apartments with panoramic views, green areas, barbecue pits, and 24-hour security, In addition to connecting this family residential complex quickly thanks to its location, its residents with the main roads of Tijuana .

Primer 'Fashion mall' en Tijuana. Península, el nuevo 'City Hub ...

And even if you are a lover of accessibility and living in what could become a central area, this real estate offers you the possibility of enjoying your privacy, since among its benefits is the construction of walls with thermal and acoustic insulation.

Something important to highlight about this “new point” of the city is its proximity to San Diego, California, which is only 35 kilometers away; So if you are one of those who live in Tijuana and work, study or cross frequently into the United Statesthis area is perfect for you.

Abrirá primer “Fashion Mall” en Tijuana - SanDiegoRed.com

You practically have everything in one place, making this area not only an opportunity to entertain yourself but the right area to invest, since the profitability will be safe not only now but in the future, since this new square is the only one in its guy, will open endless doors; but above all, placing residents and merchants at a competitive advantage over the rest.

Thus, many Tijuana residents may start to forget about Zona Río and direct their focus to the epicenter of a dynamic mixed-use district that offers cutting-edge concepts, and that also gives you everything to live within it.

Abrirá primer “Fashion Mall” en Tijuana

And what are you waiting to invest in and get your apartment in this great area?

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