Rosarito Baja California police extort money from tourists up to $ 500 usd


They have come to threaten them with their weapons of charge to force them to hand over the amount of money demanded in addition to keeping their cell phones.

Rosarito Beaches.- From 100 to 500 dollars is the new “rate” that the Municipal Police of Rosarito demand from tourists who have the bad luck of falling into their hands, with any pretext, those who even intimidate with their weapons of charge to force them to hand over the amount of money demanded in addition to keeping their cell phones.

The President of the Costa Region Real Estate Professionals Association, Gustavo Torres Ramírez, explained that this situation has already reached intolerable levels, since only in recent days, at least six complaints have been received from tourists who traveled to Rosarito to acquire some property or investing in a business and had the bad experience of being extorted by the police.

He said that apparently the taxi drivers are in collusion with the police, as recently a worker behind the wheel insisted on taking some tourists to their destination, after they left the Papa’s & Beer club , but the visitors indicated that they did not need his service because they traveled by car.

The President of the Costa Area Real Estate Professionals Association, Gustavo Torres Ramírez

He added that at that time, the driver contacted police officers who immediately arrived to infringe them , arguing that they had consumed alcoholic beverages, although the driver did not drink.

Even so, the threats began and even one of the agents drew his weapon and pointed it at his head.

It was at that moment, he added, that the tourists gave them the $ 600 they brought with them, in addition to cell phones, because it was a requirement of the agents.

Another similar case occurred to other visitors who had barely boarded their vehicle and turned on the car lights when the police arrived, threatening to infringe them for not having lights on and also immediately called a tow truck to tow the vehicle, indicating that it would be very difficult for them. expensive, all the paperwork to get it back.

The required “bite” was $ 500, but they only had $ 100 at the time, so they seized their phones and told them to go to an ATM to bring the rest of the money, but when the tourists returned to the point with the dollars , the patrol was gone and they were left with their recent model and therefore expensive phones.  

Torres Ramírez stressed that the Rosarito police officers have stood out for the extortion they practice on visitors, which, although previously it was $ 20, to date the minimum rate is $ 100, but it may well exceed 500.

He explained that the economy of Rosarito is based on tourism in at least 70%, so it is even more worrying that it is the police who are driving the visitor away with acts of this nature, which in a pandemic like the one we are experiencing could bring catastrophic results for the fifth Municipality.


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