Due to pandemic, 30% of businesses in Tijuana have closed


The sectors most affected are bars, restaurants, hotels and travel agencies

The crisis caused by the coronavirus around the world caused millions of businesses to close around the world as a preventive measure to avoid more infections in the world.

Due to the confinement that the pandemic generated, it is estimated that 800 small businesses in the border city of Tijuana began to close due to lack of resources to continue.

Derechos laborales ante el coronavirus | El Economista

” We started the year with 2,500 affiliates, currently, as of Monday, 200 were definitively closed ,” said Gina Villalobos, president of the National Chamber of Small Commerce (CANACOPE).

He anticipated that if the state does not change to an orange light soon, 600 more businesses could be added to the final closure. It was announced that the majority of people with businesses that have already closed or are about to close with entrepreneurs who have declared that they will join the maquila sector.

The president of CANACO in Tijuana, Jorge Macías, explained that four months after the confinement, only between 10 and 15 percent of its 1,500 affiliated businesses have resumed work.

Those hardest hit by the closure are the sectors dedicated to the provision of tourism services such as bars, restaurants, hotels, and travel agencies.

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