Tijuana doctor guarantees you a bigger and more pleasant sex life


The doctor specializing in urology and genital innovation offers a painless penis enlargement procedure

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Some men have come to think about penis enlargement either for their own satisfaction, to improve their sex life and that of their partner or simply because they believe it is necessary.

Exercises, miracle products, meals, special devices and even rituals to enlarge the size of the penis are the ones that abound on the Internet . Of course, it goes without saying that these options are not viable and that there is only one direction: consult a specialist.

If you want to avoid something painful, we have good news for you, the Doctor specialized in urology and genital innovation, Ricardo Madrigal, offers a painless penis enlargement procedure and we are talking about EGOH SHOT XL. Have you heard it?

What does this procedure consist of?

This innovative procedure is designed to provide lasting improvements in the performance of the male organ, especially to increase its size giving it greater thickness and a longer appearance.

How much does the size of the penis increase?

It will increase its size from 20 to 30%, managing to increase from 1 to 1.5 inches over its current size.

This procedure is completely painless and it should be noted that this is one of the safest procedures in the world, apart from this technique it lasts approximately 30 minutes and there is no need for hospitalization and there is no recovery period either.

One of the benefits provided by this procedure is that your partner will be able to reach orgasms more easily, they will be more pleasant and long-lasting.

The EGOH SHOT XL consists of an injection of a subdermal gel into the body of the penis. If you want to know more about this procedure, do not hesitate to visit its website.

Dr. Ricardo Madrigal is distinguished by his experience in male urology and minimally invasive genital aesthetic techniques. With his exclusive technique, he positions himself as the best expert doctor in penis enlargement in Latin America.

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