Baja California Sur, La Ribera beaches closed due to the presence of sharks


Locals from La Ribera confirmed that Civil Protection authorities temporarily closed the beaches of this area of ​​the municipality of Los Cabos due to the presence of sharks very close to where the bathers walk, this fact occurs very frequently in certain seasons of the year, as indicated by the Cooperative leader Mario Leal Armenta.

He indicated in an interview for CPS News, he said that there is a presence of large sharks they have been seen by bathers, since last Sunday three or four large sharks were observed, so that people were scared and requested the intervention of the municipal authorities to close them beaches.

La RiberaHe said that in other seasons the sharks, the manta rays have come to the beach, but they arrived very soon now, it is at other times of the year when this happens and the locals are more cautious when it comes to swimming on the beaches.

He also indicated that on other occasions if sharks have approached but not so close to the shore of the beach, he is more withdrawn about 500 or 600 meters but this time they got too close, what happened explained is that La Ribera beach is a very low pool-type beach and people are overconfident and withdrawn too much and that’s where the sharks arrive.


The Mazatlan Post