‘Historic’ seizure of drugs and illegal substances carried out in Baja California


BAJA CALIFORNIA.- Authorities insured various substances that, due to their volumes, their type, and which are classified as prohibited by the General Health Law, represent a historical seizure for Mexico.

This was confirmed by Felipe de Jesús Gallo Gutiérrez, FGR Research Methods Coordinator.

Elements of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, Federal Ministerial Police, in coordination with the experts of the Coordination of Investigation Methods and under the legal direction of the Agent of the Public Ministry of the Federation, assigned to the state of Baja California, executed an order to search granted by a District Judge regarding an address in the state of Baja California.

The following substances were secured:

One thousand 017 packages containing marijuana with an approximate gross weight of 7 tons 802 kilograms 332 grams;

Twenty-four packages contained heroin weighing more than 46 kilograms, 300 grams.

Three thousand 227 containers and bags containing methamphetamine that give a gross weight of 2 tons and 432 kilograms 604 grams.

Six thousand 577 fentanyl tablets.

Fourteen packages and two boxes containing fentanyl powder with a gross weight of 16 kilos 440 grams.

Thirty packs with lidocaine that weighed 31 kilos 500 grams.

Twenty-five packages containing tetrahydrocannabinol with a gross weight of 23 kilos 880 grams.

The investigation will continue subject to due process to locate the probable persons responsible for the crime or crimes that can be accredited with this diligence within the investigation folder that is kept in this Office of the Attorney General of the Republic.

The FGR thanked the Ministry of National Defense for the support provided in perimeter security by executing the search procedure.

“As a reference, this insurance will be located in the history of this year 2020 in the state of Baja California. In the field of marijuana, this event alone represents 11 percent of the total insurance of all institutions so far in 2020, “said Gallo Gutiérrez.

Regarding methamphetamine, this single event represents 97 percent of the total seized in that state during this 2020 administration.

As for heroin, this assurance is 111 percent of what had been registered to this day in the state.

Fentanyl powder, a highly harmful substance that with an overdose can kill anyone almost immediately, this insurance in Baja California represents almost 21 percent of the total of what has been insured during the year, and fentanyl tablets , 22 percent of the total cases that are presented in this state.

It is important to note that this substance (fentanyl) is one of the most insured in the state of Baja California and one of the substances that is causing the most harm to people.

Source: gob.mx/fgr

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