Feed La Paz – Covid-19 Hunger Relief Campaign needs your help


The state of emergency issues for BCS Mexico has resulted in the total lockdown of the city of La Paz for all but the most essential services. This has lead to mass unemployment and financial hardships for thousands of residents throughout the city. Programs have been enacted to address food shortages for the most vulnerable people throughout the community. All proceeds of this fundraising initiative will be donated to one or more existing relief programs that are delivering food directly to homes most in need, such as the red ribbon campaign.

the settlers of 
La Pasión implore humanitarian aid and the delivery of support from the 3 levels of government which fail to arrive

The foregoing, in view of the serious shortage of food in their homes caused by the large loss of jobs caused by the quarantine period that was implemented in the entity, following the recommendations of the Mexican health authorities.

As we know, the lockdown has been extended up to June 16th with few businesses able to provide much for employment. Families are struggling to afford food. We’ve set up this fundraiser to donate all proceeds to food delivery programs operated by the rotary club in La Paz. We’ve raised $355 since launching the campaign last night and hope that we can reach our goal of raising $1000

Josh Hannigan and Morgan Dee are organizing this fundraiser.

Please click on link below to donate


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