La Paz will hold a digital festival to mark LGBT pride in Baja California Sur


La Paz, BCS- The Colectivo La Paz es Diversa, together with Aliadxs and the Haus of science, will hold a digital festival to mark LGBT pride in Baja California Sur that will kick off this June 3 and will last the entire month, said Santiago Rovira, member of La Paz is Diverse.

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He added that before the pandemic, the LGBT community held meetings to coexist and help each other, however currently one of the biggest challenges they face is being able to reach the people who are part of their community via digital means.

“La Paz is Diverse began as a safe space, meetings and activities became that safe space for these people, and now we can no longer do those activities in physical, and then the safe space is no longer physical and the challenge is how to digitize that feeling of security that we gave in our meetings. All the people who live in the closet right now are locked up with the people to whom they have to lie about their own identity, so that even generates a return to the closet, ”he explained.

Therefore, he pointed out that this year, due to the need to continue in contact and strengthening the community, they prepared an extensive program of activities aimed at members of the LGBT community, however, they are open to the general public, in addition All activities will be free, while there will be an option to make donations through Paypal for those who wish to do so.

“On Wednesdays and Fridays we have webinars from June 3 to June 26, generally at 7 pm; every Thursday in June we have a film series on Netflix Party, on Saturdays we have two cultural activities and on Sundays, we will have three talks, “he said.

Finally, he invited to consult the Facebook page La Paz es Diversa, the Haus of Science or Señorxs Aliadxs, as well as the website where people can find more information and access the scheduled activities.


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